Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Time Off!

I took the whole weekend off...well almost I did do some drawing on Sunday once we had arrived home for some original work, but I signed off at 9pm on Friday and didn't come back to work until 11am-ish on Monday morning (had a bit of a lie in oops!)
I feel better, I feel more relaxed, more focused and fresher.  I went to an amazing gig, The Postal Service were amazing I cannot say how much I enjoyed them, they sounded fantastic and their light show and whole performance was incredible and was probably the most relaxed gig I've ever been to. People didn't mosh or jump around they danced and swayed and nodded heads it was totally chilled and probably just what I needed.
I also went to Manchester Art Gallery, we saw some beautiful things, an Antony Gormley who I adore,  we also saw some things which you can appreciate but sometimes don't always like.
I love galleries but I am more of a speed viewer, I see people in galleries stood intently looking at images for some time and I can't seem to do that, I don't feel an urge to stand in front of something for long periods to appreciate it I like to look and go to the next piece quickly. Perhaps in time I'll stand and stare there are certain things I have stopped to look at but not every single piece in a room in the same way that others seem to...
Anyway that's my small view on looking around galleries.
I work hard, most people seem to think too hard, I kind of agree with them I need time off and I need to do more of the above to take time for me, to enjoy life, to experience more, I cannot live to work as much as I love my job it cannot be all I do.
I am terrified that I may damage my relationships, I don't want Rob to feel neglected or that I care more about other things than him. I want to see my friends and go out and be young, I'm nearly 26 I have a good few more years of youth in me to go out and see the world in all it's glory. I don't want to grow old and discover life passed me by whilst I worked and regret that. So things have changed the past 2 days I have relaxed more, made time for food, exercise, I saw my parents, I took more breaks, I worked less did more :)
Here are a few photos from the trip:

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