Monday, 24 June 2013

And the Winner is!!!!!


Number 329 Janet Moran!
Congratulations Janet!
 I will get in touch with you soon to start making the arrangements.
Thank you to everyone who donated! Total so far is £751 which is so amazing I cannot thank everyone enough for donating their hard earned pennies and we are planning on doing the race again next year and I will be sure to run the same or similar giveaway then!
Yesterday was tiring, emotional but most of all so feel good (after the panting and slight case of exhaustion was over with) it is something I plan to make an annual event and fundraising opportunity!
Here I am biting my lovely medal!

Thank you again you are all awesome!
Papercut Love,
Charlie xxx

Monday, 17 June 2013

Race for Life - Family Tree

I run Race for life in 6 days time!
As many of you know I sadly lost my Nanna in September 2011 to cancer, I ran Race for Life in the July of that year before she passed. It was a very emotional, moving but inspiring day so many people running in memory of, for someone who was currently fighting or for their own recovery and battle against it. They showed a film before we ran which showed how survival rates for cancer have improved so dramatically in the past few years due to the fundraising providing so much more money for research into better drugs, more effective treatments and earlier diagnosis techniques...Sadly Nanna's illness was not going to have a happy ending as her cancer from first diagnosis was terminal and all we could do was wait and make sure that her life was as normal and comfortable as possible.
So this amazing lady is the main reason I am running:

I will run again with my friend Joanna, her Nanna also had cancer but beat it even though she has since passed we run in her honour too, along with our Bampi's who both passed when we were young from cancer and for our friends and family who have all been affected I think it is very rare to find someone who has not had a loved one or friend who has faced this. The photo above is me (the little baby) my Nanny, Bampi and my brother Iain, Bampi passed when I was 6 months old so he was ill at the time this photo was taken and I sadly never got to know him properly.
This is me (note the nicely ordered number 23451!) then L-R Joanna, Sara and Sian who ran in 2011.

This year I am trying to raise as much money as possible, our current total stands at £309.50!
So as an added bit of loveliness I am offering the chance to win an A4 personalised, unframed, round family tree papercut hand drawn and hand cut by me. 
Like one of these!

For every £1 donated to our Race for Life Just Giving page you will be entered into a draw to win a tree, so if you donate £1 you get 1 entry, £5 would get you 5 entires and so on so the more you donate the more chances you will get to win a tree!
So all you need to do is pop along to our Just Giving page on the link below and donate the pennies you have to spare every single £1 makes a difference and would mean the world to us and Cancer Research so we thank you so much in advance for your generosity and I wish you the very best of luck in winning a tree!

The winner will be announced on this blog in the week after the 23rd of June which is when we run and the tree will be made during July.
As many of you know slots are very limited and they are very hard to come by so this is a brilliant chance to get a family tree and for as little as £1 and to do an amazing deed for charity!
I have a lovely pink t-shirt and all my numbers and am going to papercut my 'I race for life for' sign like I did last time too!

Thank you very much.
Papercut Love
Charlie xxx