Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Being more upbeat!

So it's been over a week since I had a weekend off...
I feel better for it and I also have new ideas and a new mind set as to what I want to do and how I am going to work.  I've relaxed a bit, decided to try not to let anyone get to me, if there are emails in my inbox I will reply to them in my own sweet time, that drawing can wait a few extra minutes, I will drink that whole cup of tea whilst it is hot.
I've cut the crap basically!
I've also done a lot more of my own originals, I've always tried to fit them in as and when I could but now I am making a more specific effort that I will have 'me time' or a 'me day' not in the sense of a day off but a day off from other people's commissions. Don't get me wrong I have created some pretty cool things from other people's ideas and I have earned a good living so far from doing commissions and tress but it has stifled me as an artist in many ways.
I went from 3 years of glorious self expression (well within the confines of an assessment/marking criteria) in university, to working at River Island which I can tell you is not the most creative environment when you are dragging boxes around, putting security tags on items and serving customers, sometimes the most creative thing I did was rearrange the bags/jewellery/belts on display, to then discovering I could cut paper quite well but that doing my own work wasn't going to earn me what I needed and so commissions needed to be taken on in order to progress to it being how I earned a living. Now I have a bit of a reputation and following, people want to buy my prints of my originals, I have other products and putting my own designs on them is great so taking time to create new things is something I can do as I can do more things, but kind of work less for others and keep things exciting and fresh.
I can afford a little time off, so I had my trip to Manchester with the Trucker which was a whole glorious weekend off, I have had today off pretty much and I will also be taking tomorrow off to go shopping with my friends but then the order book reopens on Friday and I will be making a start on the June orders so it's all go but with a refreshed and relaxed but not too lax attitude to work. Not worrying too much if people cancel orders or don't reply to my enquiries as I know I can fill those spaces very easily :)

Making new things is so much fun!

So here is to working hard and playing hard and being a better, brighter Charlie all round!


  1. Your work is amazing! I adore every piece you create. Glad you enjoyed your time off too. It's important!

  2. Glad you have an improved work life balance. Your work is fab!

  3. Well what can I say - I love your commissioned pieces, my willow tree is beautiful and wouldn't be everything we envisaged had you not been around and able to take our commission, but I adore that you have cut free and can now make the time for YOUR pieces, YOUR individuality, and YOUR art - its amazing, I am pondering over colour choices for a teapot and cup set currently - and know that finding you has been a rite of passage for myself too - i have started my own little 'shop' nothing as intricate and amazing as you - but you have been a large inspiration. I look forward to watching your work grow and develop as you find different influences around you - congratulations on this momentous change - i can only mean good things for both you and your avid followers, myself included :)